LV 1871 Uses IBM Virtualisation For Consolidation, Cost Savings And Productivity Improvement

LV 1871 is a medium sized mutual insurer based in Munich. It has implemented virtualisation in its data centre, achieving performance, quality and cost benefits. Read ITCandor's analysis of its strategy. Read more »

Symantec Fills Out Appliance Strategy With NetBackup 5200 And FileStore N8300

Symantec continues to build out its appliance strategy, which it sees as a third delivery mechanism alongside software licensing and Cloud Services. Read ITCandor's analysis of the consequences for users and channels. Read more »

Symantec Launches Hardware Appliances – A Non-Cloud Form Of IT Simplification

Symantec is entering the hardware market through the introduction of its NetBackup 5000 and Filestore N8000 appliances. ITCandor looks the simplification, integration and channel issues. Read more »

The Sanctuary Group – Successful Virtual Client Deployment In A Large Dispersed Enterprise

The Sanctuary Group is a large 'social landlord' charity based in the UK. It has long and successful experience of deploying virtualisation - especially Terminal Services. Ben Andrews has some excellent observations for those of us considering the future of the corporate desktop. Read more »

Vision Solutions Double-Take Software Steps Into Cloud Computing With Amazon EC2 – Promises ‘Recovery as a Service’

Double-Take Software are partnering with Amazon's EC2 to take the first steps towards providing 'Recovery as a Service'. In this interview with Peter Laudenslager Martin outlines the approach. Read more »

‘Storage OnLine’ Offers Practical Disaster Recovery Services With A Just A Gist Of Cloud

Storage OnLine is a disaster recovery service supplier and long-term Symantec partner. In an interview with its CEO Lewis McMahon, Martin investigates the company's business and developing approach to Cloud Computing. Read more »

Symantec – Enabling The Shift From ‘System’ To ‘Information’ Centric IT With Cloud Computing

Symantec is extending its portfolio by addressing the nascent Cloud Computer market. In this analyst report Martin outlines its strategy and provides an overview of its market position and acquisitions. Read more »