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We’re a market research company working in the IT and Communications industry providing high quality data, forecasts and ideas and getting involved in the social business issues – something we call ‘open social computer industry research’. We’ve published 900 articles on the industry since 2009 – let us know if you’d like a copy of any we’ve archived.

We currently have partnerships with Eurolan for sponsored research into Formula 1 IT and with Tekplus fro Smart-Guidance advice on GDPR awareness, offer a subscription service following purchasing by the EU data centers and many sponsorship packages available for suppliers.

Our terms and conditions require you to contact us fist before using our ideas and data for your own purposes.

Our Business Model

We are widely known as an influencer of the market through our free research, however we make money from providing in-depth support and thought-leadership to help your company achieve business planning objectives through providing detailed information. In particular:


Detailed market data on worldwide markets. Each tracker includes 4 quarterly pivot table reports, multiple dimensional forecast and enquiry support and is attractively priced. All of our data can be customised at a country, regional and/or product level to meet your needs.

White Papers

High-quality marketing material to increase your influence with you prospects – profiling markets, use cases, strategies and go-to-market activities. This year we have provided white papers for Origina Ireland, Server Technology and DataCenterDynamics Intelligence.


Thought-provoking fit-for-purpose presentations outlining the key trends and developments of your market. Our most recent customers include IBM, DataCenterDynamics, IP Expo Europe, CBE and The Innovation Group.

Our Latest Research

2017 Predictions and Forecasts

We’re eager to win your business – contact us at [email protected].