2016 predictions 1 – The world ITC market declines by 1.2% to $5.8 trillion

In 2015 the market declined by 5.1%, so its unlikely to see a recovery in the year. My forecast is for a 1.2% decline, with the market reaching $5.8T. Performance by category will vary. In particular: Software will grow 4.2% to $916B: although it lags in revenues, it will continue […] Read more »

2016 prediction 8 – Applications dominate in the shift towards a ‘Software Defined’ future

Cloud computing will grow by 13% to reach $354B. The strongest growth will be in SaaS (26.3%), which we count as part of the software market. IT services engage to build and manage private, public and hybrid clouds will grow by 16.3%, PaaS by 7.7% and IaaS by 8.1%. The […] Read more »