The 2025 enterprise computing forecast – cloud wins hands-down

My enterprise computing forecast including a masive victory for cloud computing. Read more »

2016 prediction 7 – Cloud Computing continues to surge – SaaS is the star

Cloud computing will grow by 13% to reach $354B. The strongest growth will be in SaaS (26.3%), which we count as part of the software market. IT services engage to build and manage private, public and hybrid clouds will grow by 16.3%, PaaS by 7.7% and IaaS by 8.1%. The […] Read more »

HP Hybrid Delivery Solutions – Agility Solutions For Cloud Builders

HP has announced a number of services to help Cloud building customers, many of whom are service providers and Telecoms suppliers. Read ITCandor's analysis, complete with a table of HP's reference customers. Read more »

HP’s New CEO Proposes The ‘Everybody On’ Strategy For Cloud And Connected Futures

HP's new CEO Léo Apotheker and his executive team announced the company's new stategy. Read ITCandor's analysis of each division's approach chances of success. Read more »