Quest Software – Targeting The Management and Monitoring Of Private Cloud Computing

Quest Software's Joe Baguley was the first to volunteer to be interviewed as part of Martin's research into Cloud Computing. He has interesting observations on Quest's approach, as well as Microsoft's Azure platform. Read more »

Citrix – A Pragmatic, Customer-Driven Approach To Cloud Computing

Citrix's strategy is built on the expertise of acqured companies. In this article Martin explains how it is well positioned to take advantage of the developing Cloud Computing market. Read more »

Corporate And Social Responsibility – An Essential Theme In A Downturn

Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is very important - especially in an economic downturn. In introducing this theme Martin is hoping to help suppliers and users concentrate on those aspects of the strategy which will help most to build better business when the recovery comes. Read more »

How Will Microsoft Adjust Its Strategy To Survive The ITC Downturn?

Microsoft is planning its new strategy in the last month of its financial year. In this piece Martin forecasts what will be in it it and give some advice on how it can survivie the ITC downturn Read more »

Cloud Computing – A Growth Business In The Downturn

In this first of a series of Themes, Martin describes and defines Cloud Computing from the point of view of user and supplier participants. He calls for reactions in order to provide future profiles. His conclusion is that Cloud Computing is good in a downturn. For a powerpoint presentation of this blog see Read more »

Apple’s Revenue Grew In Calendar Q109 – Can It Ride Out The Downturn?

Apple has beaten almost all other vendors by posting a modest increase in its calendar Q109 (F209) revenues. In this analysis Martin looks at the reasons for success, compares it with other PC companies and talks about the unique strategy. Read more »

Welcome to my Blog!

Blogging about ITC eventually… I’m going to cover subjects such as Cloud Computing, Corporate and Social Responsibility, Market Forecasts, Digital Content, Convergence, etc. There’s so much happening in the industry today – and not all bad. Looking forward to discussing themes, trends, opportunities with anyone who’s interested. Everyone suggested WordPress as a […] Read more »