IBM, Everledger and the market disruption of Blockchain

Exchanging assets for money can be a complicated – and sometimes expensive – process: for instance trading stock can happen in a millisecond, but settlement can take days to complete. Imagine a world in which such transactions can be handled in the digital realm in a system which creates an […] Read more »

AMD APUs – How Balanced Systems Will Transform The PC Market

AMD has lunched a full set of APU chips which incorporate CPU, GPU and Northbridge components. Read ITCandor's views of its competitive position and the important changes this will make to the PC market, Read more »

Intel Strategy – Tick Tock, System On Chip, Atom, Security And Servers

Intel is one of the most important vendors in the ITC industry and yet is hard to understand - not least because of its need to predict distant user needs. Read ITCandor's analysis of its current strategy, complete with some admissions about what we got right and wrong over many years of forecasting. Read more »