The 2025 enterprise computing forecast – cloud wins hands-down

My enterprise computing forecast including a masive victory for cloud computing. Read more »

2016 prediction 7 – Cloud Computing continues to surge – SaaS is the star

Cloud computing will grow by 13% to reach $354B. The strongest growth will be in SaaS (26.3%), which we count as part of the software market. IT services engage to build and manage private, public and hybrid clouds will grow by 16.3%, PaaS by 7.7% and IaaS by 8.1%. The […] Read more »

HP Hybrid Delivery Solutions – Agility Solutions For Cloud Builders

HP has announced a number of services to help Cloud building customers, many of whom are service providers and Telecoms suppliers. Read ITCandor's analysis, complete with a table of HP's reference customers. Read more »