PC market by product type – desktops aren’t dead!

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A couple of weeks ago we looked at the world market for all client devices. I’ve been doing some work to split out various extra form factors in the mean time and am pleased to be able to publish some stats here on PCs. You’ll want to know more about how laptop, desktop, workstations and thin clients contribute to this vital part of the IT market.

pc shareIt is important to note that although laptop form factors have been growing steadily as a PC form factor, desktop machines have still have an important role to play. In the Figure above I show the quarterly development of the PC market from 2003 onwards. Other form factors include workstations, thin clients, PC digital signage, although embedded PC are not. In the year to the end of June 2015 total revenues from PCs were $164b, while shipments were 256m. The total installed base at the end of the period was 939m – far less than some of the vendor estimates. My definition of ‘installed base’ is for machines installed and in use – I’ve got at least 20 old PCs in my attic which don’t count.

The Figure above shows the break-down of revenues for the total market by type and market shares for the total, laptop and desktop markets. By my reckoning Lenovo has a stronger share of the desktop market, while HP and Dell are ahead of it in the laptop space. Lenovo remains the overall PC market leader, although Dell has been encroaching due to strong low price shipments and attractive financing packages in the US. HP’s creation of HP Inc. later this year will also allow it to focus more strongly on PCs, using its strong printer group profits for investment.

As always more detailed stats at a country, regional level are available for those of you who need them. Please contact us at [email protected].


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