Could Brexit increase the taxation of the ITC industry’s £35b profits?

The IT and Communications industry is highly profitable for successful companies, with the smallest and largest enjoying the greatest profitability. In the UK we spent £146B on its products which created profits before tax of around £35B in 2015: an extra 10% of that collected by UK government could help out the […] Read more »

HP – The African Market Leader Invests For Growth

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ITCandor 2011 Expectations – A Big Year For Cloud, BRIC, High Definition And Water

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NGD’s Data Centre Goes 100% Alternative Energy Supply With SmartestEnergy

NGD has signed a deal with SmartestEnergy to provide electricity only from renewable generation at its data centre site in Wales. ITCandor looks at this from government and CSR perspectives. Read more »

Chilled Out HP Cuts CO2 Emissions With Fresh Air Cooling In Its New Wynyard Data Centre

HP is in the process of installing its very first customer at its brand new Wynyard data centre. Martin had a look round and thinks fresh air cooling is a valuable contribution to CSR. Read more »