ITC markets down 2% in Q2 2017 – growth worst in the UK (again), best in India

A précis of ITCandor's quarterly tracking of the ITC market in Q2 2017 and the year to the end of June. Read more »

Brexit – selling UK IT assets by the pound

Source: ITCandor from OANDA historical data Part of my methodology each quarter is to look at currency movements of international currency against the $US. My Figure shows the movement of the average value of each local currency in Q2 2016 compared with their rates in Q2 2015. Those on the […] Read more »

Could Brexit increase the taxation of the ITC industry’s £35b profits?

The IT and Communications industry is highly profitable for successful companies, with the smallest and largest enjoying the greatest profitability. In the UK we spent £146B on its products which created profits before tax of around £35B in 2015: an extra 10% of that collected by UK government could help out the […] Read more »