ITCandor publishes its Q2 2017 EU and UK data center research

This is the ongoing picture of the investment EU purchasers have been making on data center offerings since 2003: it’s taken from our 3 separate Q2 2017 reports covering the market, technology and vendors, which are now available. ITCandor is the only research company to publish details of sales, market shares, countries, technology trends and vendor activities every quarter – so why not subscribe? We have small vendor and user discounts available.

PCs – big market small growth

The PC market may have peaked in 2011, but it’s still large (150m shipments giving their suppliers $150b in the year to June). The installed base (down 0.8%) stood at 858m – meaning that there is one PC for 12% of the world’s 7.2b inhabitants. The Figure shows the ‘sales out’ shipments of PCs and the revenues they make for their suppliers each quarter since 2003. Revenues in Q2 were up 4.8% to $36b, in units growth was 4.6% to 53.7m, while the installed base measurement was of course the same as the annual calculation. You’ll want to learn more about how the market is developing.

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Germany regains leading position in EU data center spending

I measure the data center IT market every quarter in the EU (see Figure, which uses current Euro values and shows the top 3 countries share of total EU spending). I notice that Germany has overtaken the UK as the largest market once more. The UK’s share has diminished partially due to the growing business uncertainties of its upcoming exit from the EU. The Pound has also fallen significantly against the Euro, meaning that the UK market measured in Pounds shows an even strong decline.

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Network equipment market – big, slow and important in Q2 2017

The network equipment market is one of the largest in the ITC market; however there hasn’t been very much growth in recent years. I show a comparison of growth rates for service provider and enterprise network spending alongside those for telecom service (very dependent on service provider networking) and the total IT and communications market. You’ll want to learn more about this important part of the industry. Read more »

Gaming console market q217 – Nintendo resurgent

The dedicated console and handset market grew by 23.5% in Q2 2017 in revenues to $2.0b, 18.5% to 7.9m in unit shipments, while the installed base declined by 6.1% to 168m. For the year to the end of June the equivalent measurements were 7.3% ($12.3b revenues) and 3.0% (43m units), while the change in installed base was (of course) the same as the quarterly stats. Nintendo is resurgent due to its introduction of its Switch product, which was in its second quarter of shipments. My Figure shows a comparison of unit shipments by each of the 3 vendors which participate in this market. You’ll want to learn more about this important Internet-connected market.

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Mobile device market up 3.1% to $81.1b in Q2 2017 – Apple maintains its leadership

The world market for mobile devices (personal products with computers almost all running or ARM chips) in Q2 grew by 3.1% to $81.1b in revenues, by 3.2% to 335m in shipments, while the installed base declined by 3.4% to 3.3b, meaning that there is now one device for almost half the world’s population. In the year to the end of June, which is the period shown in the Figures and Table of this paper, total revenues grew by 0.2% to $366b and shipments declined by 0.2% to 1.5b. The installed base for Q2 and the full year are the same of course. You’ll want to know more about this vital market.

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ITC markets down 2% in Q2 2017 – growth worst in the UK (again), best in India

The IT and communications (ITC) market fell by 2.0% in Q2 2017 to $1,517 billion as the increased nationalism around the world takes its toll on the most global of all markets. At a major country level (see my Figure above) India and Japan performed best, with growth rates of 14.4% and 10.3% respectively. The USA is by far the world’s largest market for ITC products and services at $1.8T; however spending there grew by just 0.4% in the quarter. Spending in China was $436B, making it the 3rd largest in the world; however spending there declined by 4.1% in the quarter. By far the worst performing country market was the UK, where the declining value of the Pound and the business uncertainty created by its decision to leave the EU led to a 13.6% decline – making it the ‘poor man of the world’ – not just ‘Europe’.

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IBM z14 mainframe – sophisticated fixes for enterprise challenges

IBM launched its latest mainframe last week. The z14 will create an upward swing in the never ending see-sawing of the most important single server in the market. My Figure shows z System hardware revenues by quarter (on a rolling 4-quarter basis) with model introductions anchored to the left apart from the z14 itself. You’ll want to learn more about what IBM has added to its latest chip, processor unit and systems and what it means to the IT industry.

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