IBM z14 mainframe – sophisticated fixes for enterprise challenges

IBM launched its latest mainframe last week. The z14 will create an upward swing in the never ending see-sawing of the most important single server in the market. My Figure shows z System hardware revenues by quarter (on a rolling 4-quarter basis) with model introductions anchored to the left apart from the z14 itself. You’ll want to learn more about what IBM has added to its latest chip, processor unit and systems and what it means to the IT industry.

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The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – get ready or get busted

The challenge of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is as great as the millennium bug in 1999 and will catch out all organisationss who fail to make the appropriate adjustments to their business processes and IT activities in time. My Figure shows the numerical results for searching for a number of selected phrases on July 3rd and demonstrates a significant lack of activity just 10 months away from implementation. I want to do my bit to raise awareness and help you to understand the background, legislation and activities you’ll need to undertake to be and remain compliant.

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Atos and the digital transformation factory


With 100k employees and revenues of €12b Atos is a serious IT services supplier. Overall it had just over a 2% share of the IT services market in EMEA last year, where its strongest business was outsourcing (see the Figure above).
I spoke recently with Bruno Pinna (Global Head of Marketing, Business and Platform Solutions Division), giving me a chance to catch up on its customers, activities, partnerships and strategies. You’ll want to learn more about how Atos has modernised its business to take advantage of the shifts in customer purchasing. Read more »

Micron SolidScale – now that’s what I call Big Data!

On May 3rd 2017 Micron introduced its SolidScale enterprise storage solution for early customers to try out ahead of its full commercial launch in Q1 2018. It’s the first ‘boxed’ NVMEoF solution, which sounds complicated, but  (nevertheless) promises a huge leap in the scale, speed and capabilities of storage systems. Read more »

Violin Memory privatised – the all-flash disruptor disrupted

Violin Memory declared bankruptcy in October 2016 and has now been acquired by Soros, ending its time as a public listed company. Nevertheless it remains one of the foremost disruptors of the traditional storage array market, You’ll want to learn more about its potential as a private company.

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Cloud 2016 – $133b and growing

‘What are you doing about the cloud?’ has been a constant question for suppliers, channels and users in recent years, especially since the Credit Crunch of 2008-9. Since then everyone’s done an awful lot about it as you can see from my development and forecast Figure above; in fact cloud computing has been such a massive success that I’ve argued elsewhere that we don’t need it as a term to differentiate it from other ‘traditional’ styles of computing. In any case I thought I’d share my latest findings and outlook with those of you who find it a useful way of measurement. As always the stats published here come from the continuous quarterly research I carry out – and there’s much more at a regional and country basis to help you plan your business levels if you’d like to contact me. Read more »